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18 August, 2016

Carpet Pudding

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Carpet pudding

Puddings are a wonderful end to any dinner or lunch. They taste good and are easy to make though it seems like you’ve spent awesome amount of time, energy and experience on them

This pudding consists of four different layers, the lower most layer is the crust made of Marie biscuits and butter, then the second layer has fresh cream, gelatine, coffee and Condensed milk, the third layer is of stiffly beaten whipped cream and finally the top most layer is crushed Oreos, crushed Marie and dessicated coconut. I have also put some Ferrero Rochers to give it an edge.

For the crust
2 small packets of Marie biscuits
2 tbsp butter
Crush the biscuits in a mixer, mix the butter well, then spread the mix on the base of your serving dish. Press it to get a uniform base.
Chill in the freezer while you prepare the next layer.

For the mousse
2 small packs Amul fresh cream
1 tin condensed milk
3/4 th cup hot water
30 gms Gelatine powder
2tsp instant coffee

In 1/4th cup hot water, add the coffee and keep aside
In the rest of the water add gelatine and mix well. Keep aside for 10 minutes.
In the blender, add condensed milk and cream. Blend. Add the coffee, blend some more. Add the gelatine. Mix well.
Pour on to the prepared base. Refrigerate for an hour or till set.

Third layer
1 cup Whipping cream
Whip till stiff peaks form. Spread on the set layer.Refrigerate.

Fourth layer.
1 small pack Oreos
1 small pack Marie
1 cup dessicated coconut

Crush the Marie.
Crush the Oreos separately
Now make any design on the whipped cream layer.
Top with Ferrero Rochers, Gems or any Chocolate of your choice.
Refrigerate until needed.


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