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19 August, 2016

Gulab Jamuns

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Gulab Jamuns


Little balls of dried milk in sugar syrup.
I love Gulab Jamuns but I found them too tricky to make with the powder. Then Garima Sarolia Narera showed me a ray of light, they could be made easily with three ingredients. I had to try it but Alas! I had too little paneer, I thought chalo lets give it a try.
So, I used a little baking powder instead.
These Gulab Jamuns were AMAZING!!
My son, who is a big foodie, declared them to be better than the market ones (let me tell you that he is my biggest critic), they were softer and not even one of them broke. So I am a happy soul today.

500 gms Khoya
50 gms paneer
125 gms maida
1 tsp baking powder.
Oil to deep fry
Sugar syrup
750 gms sugar
750 gms water
1 -2 tsp elaichi powder

Optional Dessicated coconut
Pistachios, for garnishing

In a large mixing bowl, add the khoya and paneer, mash them till you get a uniform mixture, now add the maida and baking powder. Mix well and make smooth little balls.
In a large sauce pan, put the sugar and water to make the syrup, once all the sugar dissolves and the syrup starts boiling turn it off. Add the elaichi powder. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan, on low flame deep fry all the balls. Do not fry many balls together. Keep turning them so that they get a uniform colour.
Once you get a nice brown colour put them into the syrup. Let them soak for a few hours or overnight.
These can be served as it is or rolled in dessicated coconut.
Enjoy the fruit of your labour….Gulab Jamuns !!


2 thoughts on : Gulab Jamuns

  • Pawanjeet
    August 19, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    Mouth watering…..

    • Afreen Usman
      August 22, 2016 at 9:57 am

      Thanks Pawan 🙂

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