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3 October, 2016

Preparing a Cake Tin

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Preparing a Cake Tin

Many a times when we read a cake recipe, it tells us to prepare the cake tin. Often people are unsure about how its done. The easy way to do it is by greasing the base and sides with oil and then putting parchment paper on the base and sides. The parchment paper should be cut into a circle, slightly larger than the base, for the base and a strip should be cut for the sides keeping the depth of the cake tin in mind.

This is another hassle free way of doing it.

Take a clean, dry cake tin.


Grease the sides and base of the tin with refined oil or melted butter. Be sure to cover all the area properly.


Now, we need to cover this greased pan with some all purpose flour.


Swirl the tin to spread the flour, such that it covers all the greased area of the tin. Do not spread the flour with your hands.


There will be some leftover flour in the tin, remove it and your tin is ready for the batter to be poured.


These steps take just a few minutes but save a whole lot of hassle.

It is specially helpful in removing the cake once it’s baked.

Here are a few more things that should be kept in mind before unmoulding or removing the cake from the tin.

1- All check the cake for doneness. There are two ways of doing it, one by inserting a skewer or toothpick in the center of the cake, when removed, it should be clean and free from crumbs.

Another way is by pressing the cake on top, the cake will spring back if it’s done.

2- Let the cake cool before unmoulding it, specifically if it’s a butter cake or with chocolate. This is because as the cake cools, the butter/chocolate sets thus preventing the cake from breaking.

3- Always run a knife along the sides of the cake before trying to unmould. This makes it easier to remove from the tin.

4- Always remove the cake on a flat surfaced plate or cake board.

5- If the cake is raw from inside, it will not leave the base of the tin. So if the cake is stuck to the tin then bake it some more before attempting to unmould it.

6- To remove the cake from the tin. After taking care of all the above-mentioned points, put the plate upside down on the mouth of the cake tin. Invert the tin, the cake will plop on to the plate.

To serve warm, put another plate on top of the cake and invert to get the right side up.

To ice, refrigerate the cake before starting the icing.

These little points, if kept in mind, will make it much easier to remove the cake from the tin without breakage.

This is the cake for which I had used this pan.


I hope this proves to be helpful to all of you. Do let me know if you have any questions or doubts.



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