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12 October, 2016

Red Velvet cake

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Red Velvet Cake


A very exotic, mildly sweet cake, with cream cheese frosting, it is beautiful to look at and has a unique taste.

I remember when I was learning to bake, one of the students, Neha had joined the course just because she wanted to learn how to make a Red Velvet Cake.  She was about to get married and her fiance loved red velvet. This cake is a good option if you have romance or Valentine’s Day on your mind. The cake has a few unusual ingredients like buttermilk and vinegar, but don’t get intimidated, there will be no smell or taste of vinegar or buttermilk.

3 cups cake flour(or 2 and 2/3 cup all purpose flour +1/3 cup cornflour)
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 stick butter
2 cups sugar
1 cup refined oil
4 eggs, separated
2 tbsp vanilla essence
1 tsp vinegar white
1 cup buttermilk
4 tbsp raspberry red colour.

Pre heat oven at 180 degrees.
Prepare the cake tins(2) by greasing and flouring it.
Mix together, flour, cocoa and baking soda.
Beat the egg whites till peaks form, keep aside.
In another large bowl add the butter and sugar beat with a hand mixer till light.
Now add the yolks, oil and essence and beat some more, about 5 to 8 minutes.
Add in the vinegar and food colour. Add more colour if you want a brighter cake. Beat till incorporated.
Now add the dry ingredients in parts alternating with buttermilk and mixing with a spatula.
Finally add the egg whites and gently fold in till well mixed.
Pour in the cake tins and bake for 35 minutes or till done.
Remove from oven and cool overnight before frosting

Cream cheese frosting
My cheese was not salt free since I used cream cheese spread, it was very salty so I added some icing sugar, whipped it a bit then added stiff whipped cream and folded it lightly.
There were no measurements, all to taste. Vaguely 1 cup sugar to 200 gms cheese and then kept on adding cream till I was satisfied with the taste.


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  • BakingBeginners
    October 15, 2016 at 3:30 am

    Asalam o Alaikum .
    Very nice blog , thanks for making such a wonderful blog

    • Afreen Usman
      October 15, 2016 at 4:32 pm

      Thank you so much 😊

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