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21 January, 2017

Gajar Ka Halwa

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Gajar ka Halwa
Grated or finely chopped carrots cooked in thickened milk and sugar.

No condensed milk
No khoya
No pressure cooking

Come winters and everyone wants Gajar ka Halwa.
Every household has their own way of making Gajar ka Halwa, some use condensed milk others khoya but in our house we use just four readily available ingredients to make this amazing halwa, carrots, milk, ghee and sugar. Chopped nuts if you want to indulge.
I have made the halwa with black carrots but you can use regular orange carrots as well.


1 kg kali gajar or regular carrots
1 kg milk
1 cup sugar (depending on the sweetness of carrots this can be increased or decreased)
1/2 cup ghee
Chopped almonds and cashews

Peel and wash the carrots, ideally they should be grated but I just put them in my chopper and chop finely.
In a large kadhai, put the carrots and milk on high flame, stirring from time to time, till the milk gets evaporated/dries up. This may take some time.
Add the ghee, keep stirring till the carrots start exuding ghee.
Add sugar a little at a time, stirring in between and checking the sweetness. Keep adding sugar till you are satisfied with the sweetness.
Keep stirring constantly until the Halwa gets a nice colour and becomes shiny, now add the nuts and mix.
The Halwa is ready to be enjoyed.


Tricks and tips
1. Put the carrots and milk to cook when you are cooking your lunch or dinner because it doesn’t need constant stirring but needs to be kept an eye on.
2. Chopping carrots in a chopper saves alot of time and energy.
3. Use full cream milk with cream/malai.
4. Use any leftover syrup from gulab jamuns etc in place of sugar.
5. Make this Halwa in large quantities as it takes a lot of time and effort. It keeps well in the fridge.
6. Tastes even better if you use Kali Gajar. Sadly it is not readily available.

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